Reaping bargains

As previously mentioned, there’s a plethora of benefits associated with thrift shopping. Ten reasons why thrift stores are awesome, written by Katherine Martinko, discusses the  greatest advantages secondhand shopping offers. A few of these advantages weren’t even on my radar until stumbling across this article, which speaks volumes considering how long I’ve been surfing the thrift store racks.

Thrift store items are typically higher quality simply by virtue of being there.

I’ve purchased items in the past that looked brand new. Many people imagine thrift store clothing to be grungy and dirty, but that’s hardly ever the case. By being on the racks, these clothing items are notably durable because they’ve lasted through multiple owners. I’ve received numerous compliments on the clothes I’ve bought from second-hand stores. It’s always funny to see the look on people’s faces when I reveal how much I paid.

Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style.

By shopping in thrift stores, you open yourself up to a variety of styles. Regular stores tend to specialize in select styles and advertise to target market segments. For example, Hot Topic is geared towards the punk, goth crowd whereas Victoria Secret serves the female population. This is why thrift stores are special. They incorporate every kind of style into one place, which makes their target market extensive.

There are really fabulous finds on all the racks at a thrift store.

It does take a great deal of patience to shop in thrift stores. This is mostly because of the amount of merchandise physically crammed onto the racks and shelves, which comes from the constant donations. However, if you possess the virtue of patience and a good eye for style then you’ll discover some awesome treasures!

There are no hovering salespeople waiting to make a commission off your purchase.

The one thing I’ve always disliked about department stores is being approached and questioned by salespeople. I know it’s their job, and they make commission off of our potential purchases, but they tend to be annoying and abrasive. Shopping at a thrift store eliminates the nagging and let’s you shop on your own without feeling like you’re being watched.


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