7 BIG don’ts in thrifting

A thrift store’s inventory includes nearly everything: clothing, accessories, jewelry, purses, toys, books, movies, electronics, furniture and household items. Most times, the items you buy are in relatively good condition. This indicates the item was durable enough to survive its first/second user and passed the store’s standard for selling. However, even though an item passed the standards doesn’t mean you should spend money on it and become its new owner.

“Saving money at thrift stores is a wonderful thing, but so is being careful in what used products you’re purchasing.”

According to common sense, a Buzzfeed article and my own experience, there are several categories you should avoid when browsing. Most items have been intimately or intensely handled by previous owners. So do yourself a favor and leave them out of your cart.

  1. Bowling shoes
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Stuffed animals
  4. Wigs and hats
  5. Electronics: phones, TVs, VCRs, computers, etc.
  6. Underwear, bras, and socks
  7. Bed sheets, comforters, mattresses, and pillows

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