Thrifting no-no’s

A thrift store’s stock includes nearly everything: clothing, accessories, jewelry, purses, toys, books, movies, electronics, furniture, household items, etc. Most of the time, the items you buy are in relatively good condition, which indicates that the item is durable because it survived the first or second user and passed the thrift store’s standard for selling. However, even though an item passed the store’s standards does not mean you should spend money on it and become its next user.

According to common sense, a Buzzfeed article and my own experience, there are several specific items and categories that you should steer clear of when you’re browsing. Most of these items have been intimately or intensely handled by their previous owners, and they are therefore items that you should not shell out money to own.

Item #1: Bowling shoesnot-to-buy-at-thrift-store-stuffed-animals

Item #2: Cosmetics

Item #3: Stuffed animals

Item #4: Wigs, hats

Item #5: Electronics: phones, televisions, VCRs, computers, etc. 

Item #6: Underwear, bras, socks

Item #7: Bed sheets, mattresses, pillows


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