God provides for the frugal

When you’ve shopped at thrift stores for as long as I have, the concept of saving money starts integrating into your daily choices. Soon you’re looking at the price tags on everything – not just clothes – to make sure you’re not paying too much. While being frugal has its perks, it can get to the point of absurdity if you let it. When I moved out, I became extremely cautious about spending. While I did have a steady stream of income, I didn’t want to freely spend it. This is why I searched for “free” furniture from relatives and only went grocery shopping when I absolutely had to.

My boyfriend finally called me out on how ridiculous I was being. I had over $10K in my checking account and yet I was refusing to spend money on groceries. My paranoid frugality had also affected my search for a TV and TV stand. I knew if I held out until Black Friday, I’d spend less. Having never purchased a TV, I wasn’t exactly sure what classified as a ‘good deal.’ I was told the best brands were Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, and the best size would be around 40″. So when my boyfriend called at 5 p.m. Thanksgiving Day to tell me he was at Walmart and could pick up a TV, I was ready to hear the Black Friday deals.

One of their Black Friday deals was a 43″ Vizio for $198. While this sounded like a great deal, my frugal state of mind kicked in and caused a 10-minute montage of second-guessing while my boyfriend sighed on the other end. I finally told him to grab one once the sale started, and at exactly 6 p.m. a text message stated that he’d succeeded. While I was not thrilled about $200 leaving my checking account, I knew it was worth it to FINALLY have a TV in my apartment.

The next challenge was finding the right TV stand to put the 43″ Vizio on. In my mind, I could picture my ideal stand: a moderate-sized unit with open shelving to accommodate DVDs, a PS3, etc. My strong desire to save money made me hesitant when browsing thrift stores. After seeing the grungy options at a Salvation Army on Saturday, we stopped by Blessings Abound, a Christian thrift store, to browse their section. Most pieces were dressers until my boyfriend pointed out a black TV stand with a price tag that read $19. I couldn’t believe it.

After bringing the tag to the front to pay, I was told I’d get an extra 35% off (partly because it was a Black Friday deal on furniture and partly because I was taking it with me that day). The total came out to be $14. God truly provided for the frugal part of me with my ideal TV stand that was only a couple scratches away from perfection.


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