SCLS thrifty fashionista

fullsizeoutput_17dMy name is Amy Reinhardt, and I’m the thrifty fashionista behind Save Cash, Look¬†Smash. I graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media/Journalism in December 2016. Outside of school, I’m a girl who loves shopping. When you read that you probably imagine a closet crammed with clothes, maxed out credit cards and a serious shopping addiction. That isn’t the kind of shopping I do. You won’t ever find me browsing an expensive boutique or in line to purchase a $150 pair of bedazzled jeans.

I fell in love with thrift shopping in high school thanks to my mom – the coupon-snipping queen. I loved that I could buy the same clothes and accessories for more than half the price of department stores. To most, thrift stores are unsanitary and sketchy and only appealing to tacky, stingy people. That’s a horrible rumor that I’d like to correct with this blog.

“The goal of Save Cash, Look Smash is to restore thrift stores’ reputation by expelling erroneous, adverse rumors by illustrating that treasures can be found anywhere – even in secondhand shops.”¬†

Over the years I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by choosing thrift stores over department stores. I’ve also developed a unique style that is frequently complimented by friends, family, and strangers. I’m excited to share my insights on a topic that’s been a part of my life for over eight years. I hope you walk away convinced that secondhand shopping is a viable option for saving cash and looking smash. Enjoy!