Searching, searching… found!

Have you ever needed something? And after searching through multiple stores, you’re left empty-handed? You know exactly what it is you’re looking for. The picture in your head captures every miniscule detail, from color to size, but everywhere you look you can’t find the real thing. It’s agonizing, isn’t it? All you want to do is summon all the magic in the universe and snap your fingers and have what you need appear in your eager hands.

My item of desire was a large, professional black bag. During my job hunt, I was trying to find one to bring along to interviews. A black bag would’ve accompanied my interview attire swimmingly. Of course, I wasn’t going to immediately cave and spend $50+ on one. Sure, I could’ve walked into a department store and found what I wanted in a heartbeat, but true thrifty fashionistas don’t give up in the face of difficulty. It’s true, I’d looked through the purse rack at several thrift stores with no success. This lack of success forced me to attend my job interviews bag-less.

Once I landed a job, I had two weeks before my start date. At this point, the absence of my ideal bag was causing me to lose hope. Then, the week before I started, I wanted to go look for some new khakis to wear in the business-casual atmosphere of my new job. I chose a thrift store I hadn’t visited in a while, City Thrift on Antioch and College Blvd. After adding a couple pairs of pants to my cart, I decided just for giggles to visit the purse rack, which had been moved.

In less than a minute, I stumbled on not ONE, but TWO bags that fit my description to the letter. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first bag was black, medium-sized with a strap that fit over my shoulder. It featured a spacious interior that would fit my wallet, keys, phone and even my lunch box. The inscription on the bottom-left read “COVERGIRL” – a fantastic brand! The second bag wasn’t black, but it was one of my favorite colors – a pretty purple. The straps were attached with big, gorgeous silver hoops. The bag was a huge fashion statement, and I couldn’t let it go to someone else. This way I would have a choice every morning and the ability to color-coordinate with my outfit.

By a thrift store standard, both these bags were a little pricy. Each one was around nine dollars. However, when you compare that to a department store’s price, I lucked out! At the end of the trip I left with two new pairs of sassy khaki capris and two fashionable bags – all for only $37. When it came down to the wire, thrift stores had my back. I walked in on my first day with my dream black bag hanging off my shoulder, giving me a confident and stylish look. Thanks City Thrift!