Saving at Savers

savers_logoI have visited and shopped at many different types of thrift stores, including a couple chains. In Save Cash, Look Smash’s first post, you read about my thoughts on Plato’s Closet, which is a contemporary youth-targeted store with several locations in the Kansas area. While Plato’s Closet does an excellent job serving its target shoppers, it’s atmosphere is far too specific to serve a broader group. After relying on Plato’s Closet for my starting years in high school, I needed a new thrift store, which led me to Savers.

Savers is a thrift store chain with three locations in Kansas. I, however, have only visited two on a regular basis. The first time I visited Savers, I was blown away by the spacious design and amount of merchandise. Unlike Plato’s Closet, Savers has a bigger store layout which allows them to categorize their items more effectively. Savers also carries nearly everything from clothes to accessories to home decor to electronics to kids’ toys. Savers has lower prices than Plato’s Closet because they are not restricted to name brand items, but there’s still a chance that you may come across an item with the original sales tag!

Savers is hands down my go-to thrift store because I always seem to find exactly what I’m looking for – even if I have to hit both locations to find it. The reason for this is because Savers accepts ALL donations on a daily basis so the inventory is different every time I’m there. This chain also celebrates their holidays with sales on select merchandise. An example would be having 50% off everything around Christmastime or having 40% off dresses, purses and shoes just because. Luckily, I’m subscribed to their emails so I’m updated ahead of them when a sale is approaching. So if you’re like me and you enjoy sales, I’d become a Savers Card Holder so you get in on the exclusive member-only sales.

Overall, Plato’s Closet is a cool store with excellent merchandise, but as a post grad, it’s just not my ideal place to shop anymore. So unless you’re in middle school or high school looking to stay on the A list for name brands, I would suggest looking into the Savers chain. If the lower prices, endless inventory and constant sales aren’t enough to get you committed then I don’t know what will.

Plato’s Closet Paradise

25ba6275-b851-49f6-89e0-c39a604e4369To some, thrift stores have become known as the outlet to find the cheapest clothes. The stores are depicted as unsanitary and disorganized. In addition, people who choose to shop at these stores are stereotyped as stingy, tacky and poor. However, while thrift stores are not the equivalent to a five star hotel, they are still relatively clean, functional places of business. While there are several different chains in existence, the one that wins the award for having the most stylish, contemporary items is Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet channels its business towards high school and college students. This is primarily because they understand the need for these individuals to save money while still sporting the latest trends. Their store items fit nearly every style whether you’re going for goth, preppy, chic, sporty, vintage or hipster. Their strategy for updating their clothing and accessory selections is through purchasing items from their customers. All you have to do is bring in currently trendy attire, and you’ll receive cash on the spot.


In addition to receiving money for your name brand clothing and accessories, you will enjoy Plato’s relaxing environment. From the alternative music to comfy seating, you’ll be able to comfortably shop for hours. You’ll sift through and have to pick and choose between attractive choices. I have been to Plato’s Closet dozens of times, but the greatest purchase was a fitted leather jacket for only 10 dollars. I would definitely recommend that you take some time, save some bucks and check out Plato’s Closet.