Thrifting doesn’t fill every need

I shop at secondhand stores for several reasons. #1: Less expensive; #2: Uniqueness; and #3 Environmentally-conscious. While thrift stores normally fulfill my fashion needs, sometimes they can’t. I’ve mentioned that thrift shopping is the equivalent of a treasure hunt. This analogy is two-fold: you can find amazing treasures, but you can also come up empty. Several weeks ago I received a call about an high-level job interview. The position was for the judicial branch in Topeka. I knew immediately that my regular interview outfit wouldn’t cut it. I needed a new skirt, blouse and blazer — And FAST!

My go-to move was checking out thrift stores, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to make the necessary first impression by wearing pre-worn clothing. At this point, I conceded to spending a great deal more on an outfit that would help me land a good job. I visited several department stores: Kohl’s, JcPenney’s, Macy’s, Stein Mart and Dress Barn. The only downside about being a hardcore thrifter is every time I look at a department store price tag, I have to restrain my gag reflex. Luckily, I transferred some of my thrifting skills in the form of only sifting through the department store’s clearance racks.

After a couple hours of searching, I found a stylish, black blazer for $39.99 at Stein Mart, which is a store specializing in semi-formal attire. My ideal black business skirt was found on a Macy’s clearance rack for $29.99. I went with a white dressy blouse to finish off the outfit, and it was found on a rack at JcPenney’s for $19.99. I was fortunate to assemble an entire outfit for less than $100. This experience showed me that while thrifting is a wonderful way to save money, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra every once in a while, especially when you need to look your absolute best.

I want to wear whatever looks good on me, no matter where it comes from.

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