Finding style at TurnStyles

turnstylesOne of my best friends recently got married and to celebrate her return from her week-long Chicago honeymoon, we spent the day venturing from thrift shop to thrift shop in the Overland Park area. Being new to the area, she was still becoming familiar with her shopping options. I decided our first stop should be to a store called TurnStyles. TurnStyles is powered through Catholic Charities that takes in community donations. As luck would have it, my friend had several boxes of items from her wedding that she was looking to donate. So it was a win-win situation for us and the store.

As a self-identified thrift store expert and fashionista, I couldn’t believe I’d never visited TurnStyles, and I’m even Catholic to boot! I’d give it two thumbs up. It is now my new favorite thrift store because of the lower prices, clean environment and organization.  

When we entered, I was impressed at the organization. Everything had its place: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothes, furniture, books/movies, household items and shoes. Since we both had the same objective, it was easy for us to chat while sifting through the women’s clothing racks. After one trip to the dressing room we both successfully announced that we’d found a couple winners. For me, it was a blue-checkered flannel, a purple polka-dot sweater and a tan dressy tank. The grand total including tax was approximately $9.65.

The reason it was more inexpensive than most thrift stores was because each rack had one listed price. For example, the items on the women’s clothing racks were each three dollars. This made it easier to know ahead of time how much I would be paying. There was no longer the need to pull out my phone to calculate the total from several price tags. Even though it was a smaller store than Savers or City Thrift, it had a trendy vibe and a cleaner feel and smell. Normally my allergies start flaring up from the collection of dust on the clothes, but that wasn’t the case in TurnStyles. It was a nice change!